About Host Paul Zeidman:

I’ve been a writer as long as I can remember, and my love of movies started about a day later. Born and raised in the wilderness that is southern New Jersey, I eventually worked my way west and ended up in the paradise that is San Francisco. During the day, I work in radio as a traffic reporter. When not on the radio, I continue to pursue my ultimate dream of being a working screenwriter. I developed The Script Adventurer! as a way to talk about screenwriting and movies with experts, gurus and fellow film-lovers. I ask questions other screenwriters, filmmakers and film enthusiasts may have, and hope they enjoy and get as much out of my interviews as I do. When I’m not writing or doing radio stuff, I get to enjoy living in the Bay Area with my wife and daughter. I also love devouring a good book, comic, going for a run or bike ride, and whipping up something in the kitchen, including an absolutely kick-ass pecan pie.

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