The Can Do Divas want you to live a Fun, Fulfilled and Fearless life!!! Hosted by Gianna and Chasta, two real life best friends on a mission to seek out the Can Do Divas of the world. Along the way, we offer interviews, ideas, articles and thoughts that may help inspire you to become a Can Do Person! Having needed Can Do Divas in our life, women and people we find inspiring, we understand how important and helpful it is to have someone to look up to a real role model.

This show is a place to learn, laugh, love, share, enjoy but most of all a place to be inspired by yourself, or the Can Do Divas in your life. Maybe there is someone who shared their story and changed your life, or someone who you look to for inspiration, comfort and support.

A Can Do Diva is a mother, sister, friend, daughter, partner.
She never judges
She teaches
She helps you find your spirit
Believes in your dreams
Believes in her own dreams
Shes in me and shes in you.

We are all Can Do Divas, doing our best to live a fun, fulfilled and fearless life you TOO CAN DO!

Catch their show at the following times (PST):

Can Do Divas

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