Anthony Mitchell #42z and Radio Slot Racing were in Las Vegas, NV on January 11th and 12th, 2013 for motorcycle racing at it’s best at the West Coast Flattrack Series!


Anthony Mitchell
To get the full story of events we are going to take it out to Anthony Mitchell himself:

We pulled into Las Vegas at 3am Thursday morning and slept at my brothers house in Henderson. At 10am we headed over to the South Point Hotel Casino, where the opening rounds of the West Coast Flattrack Series would be held. We checked into our rooms, and since the racing wasn’t until Friday and Saturday, we decided to check out some sights. Our first stop was Red Rocks Harley Davidson to check out their collection of race bikes for both road and dirt. They have an awesome collection! After our tour, we went to the “strip” to check things out including the fountains at the Bellagio. Simply amazing! It was starting to get late so we headed back to the South Point to check the progress on the track prep. This particular race is held inside the South Points equestrian arena on the polished concrete floor, so to aid in traction, they spray coke syrup on the concrete and broom it in. When it dries, the result is a super tacky surface with tons of traction to race on. We were lucky enough to be invited to test the track since I had finished 2nd in points the previous year. Testing went well, and we were able to dial the suspension and gearing in pretty close. Racing would start early Friday morning so we headed up to our rooms to shower and rest up.

Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell
Friday at 8am we met at registration, signed in and headed to the paddock. We started prepping the bike and rolled it through technical inspection. Practice went well and we made a few minor adjustments to the bike for the heat races. I was on pole position for the 2nd heat race and got a great holeshot. I was able to lead the entire race and take home the win in the qualifying heat. That win gave me 2nd choice on the start line for the main event. After making a few more adjustments, it was time to line up for the main event. I was able to nab the holeshot and led into turn 1. I led the first lap until 2 riders went down in turn 1-2, bringing out the red flag. After some track clean up, we lined back up and I was able to again get the holeshot. I led for 2 laps, then made a small mistake letting another racer get by me. We battled back and forth for 8 more laps but I ended up on the 2nd step of the podium winning 2nd place. Not exactly where I wanted to be, but a great start to the season!

Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell
Saturday morning we went through the same routine, registration, technical inspection, practice. We made a few more minor adjustments, trying to get that little more for the races that day. practice was going ok, but I decided we needed to make a bigger change to the bike to get faster. We put a bigger sprocket on the rear to try to get more snap out of the corner. My 2nd place the night before had earned me pole position for my heat race. I got a great start and was able to win my heat by a good margin, the changes had worked! I got 2nd choice on the line for the main event and got the holeshot into turn 1 again. I led the entire race and was even able to pull a good sized gap to second place. Taking that win felt awesome as did the victory lap with the checkered flag! We now lead the points by 4 points over the 2nd place racer! I would like to thank all my sponsors, without their support, none of this would be possible. Thank you all so much!!

Anthony Mitchell #42z


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Anthony Mitchell