There are Jobs@ RSN, and we want you to join the team!

Your Want To Join The RSN Team?

We have positions available for you to join the team here at Radio Slot. From Internships to Sales, we invite you to fill in the form below and let us know

Internet Radio Internships

Internships at the RadioSlot network provide up and coming radio professionals with needed experience behind the scenes. If you are thinking about a job in Radio, start here. Fill in the form below and let us know more about you.

Someone will contact you within 72 hours and setup a time to discuss what you can offer the Slot Network. if a good fit, we will provide you with an application specific to the position and get you started ASAP.

Internship duties include but are NOT limited to;

  • Site Maintenance
  • Social Engagement
  • Studio Duties
  • Basic Audio Editing
  • Picture taking and posting
  • Following CAREFUL directions
  • Coffee Runs (now and again)


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