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Global Town Radio is a mash up of Pop Culture, Sports, and whatever else is on the Global Town Radio crew’s minds!

Bob Foran: He was born in New Jersey and moved to California at the ripe old age of 14. He noe lives in the East Bay with his girlfriend and family. He has a lot of love for sports and especially all things Celtics, Steelers, and Phillies! He likes swedish fish and is a fan of bad reality tv!

Toby Tullis: Toby left the restaurant business 3 years ago and since then, he has traveled the world delivering affordable healthcare, freelance writes web content, writes the monthly restaurant review column for Alive Magazine, wrote a book about table side adventures in restaurant management and hungers for more avenues to create.

Born and raised in the small Bay Area town of Danville California, he resides in the area with his wife and family.

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