Who Is RSN?


Radio Slot Network (RSN)  is the radio station you were supposed to be listening to for a while now. Don’t worry, we aren’t mad, we are just happy to have you on board now.

But what is it? Internet radio-YES, web-hosting service-YES, commercial production company-YES, music and talk shows-YES! But wait there’s more!

But then why haven’t you heard of us? Because you have been listening to the same programming that your grandparents were listening to from the same dozen channels offered on terrestrial radio. But again, we’re not mad at you.

Here is the deal: By 2016 all new manufactured cars are going to be equipped with internet! That means that you can surf while you drive. (There’s a conundrum wrapped in an enigma).

For as much as we all rely on the internet on a minute to minute basis, it remains largely a wide open frontier unguarded or supervised like the Wild West. This gave the masses a place to hone and publish their craft that they were convinced they were good at (not always the case). Pod casts popped up more frequently than zits on a teenager and nobody was there to monitor it. Nobody except the Russian!

The Russian is the man behind RSN. In 1996 he took his years of successful broadcasting and producing and saw the need to corner the market on internet radio. Like a Bat Signal in the sky he answered the public’s cry for help by weeding through the massive onslaught of shows and talent and created his team that remain largely in tact today. By creating talk shows like “Man Candy”, “TV Confidential” and “Little Grey Clouds” he unknowingly poured the cement in a foundation that would see skyscrapers built on it. With the addition of the very popular “Global Town Radio” (of which I am half), he saw listeners increase by 200%. This required action……TO THE BAT CAVE!

What we have at this very minute is a robust “Talk Slot” surround by music stations all available with one click 24/7. We have built out the Country Slot, Rock Slot and Best Mix Slot. All digitally mastered by the Russian in one of three full service Bay Area Studios. We have sponsors scratching to get “on air” and more advertising opportunity with numbers to back up exposure than a hillbilly can shake a stick at. Logging on to email daily has been equal parts excitement and fear. Who knew things would get this big so fast?

The Russian has been responsible for the individual careers of many pop musicians (just check out the gold records on the wall), but we are lucky that he turned his attention to us the little people. Now we the masses have full access to quality programming in any genre that we desire, and it’s only getting bigger. Coming soon is RSN TV..look out! (as soon as we hire an army of people)

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the newly revamped website www.radioslot.com and pick a show/station. I guarantee you will be giddy to have found what has been here all along. This isn’t your Grandmas radio!

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