Sparking Creativity with Elinor Peace Bailey

Music and opportunity go a long way to sparking that thing we call “creativity” but it’s more of a lifestyle choice than a talent. People choose to look at things from a different angle and that gives them the edge that makes a difference.

I picked up a copy of Elinor Peace Bailey’s book “Mother Plays with Dolls” at Half Price Books and am again impressed with her work. She gives us permission to explore all the mediums available to us. So many of us limit our creative adventures with our mindset about what “real” art is and fail to see that creativity creeps in to every aspect of life if we allow it entry. Elinor reminded me to look at things as parts of the whole, to value my vision and to explore with an open mind.

Her story is interesting because she created a line of patterns and wrote books while raising a large family. She just had the need to create and she didn’t ignore it. How many times have you told yourself “later, I’ll be an artist, a musician, a writer later, when the kids are grown, when my mother is well, when my husband gets his next promotion”? It’s what we tend to do, yet, she created anyway and encourages all of us to find our voice and let it out.

Maybe this generation has already figured it out, though. My daughter makes time for her crocheting even though she has a baby and a full time job. I admire that quality in her. Perhaps she saw that I never got back to those things until I felt everything else was done.

Perhaps she is just as compelled as Elinor to make that commitment to her creativity. Whichever it is, it’s a good thing.

What creative project have you left behind in the pursuit of life? Take the time for yourself; go back to it today. Spend some time nurturing your creative urges and see what happens: you might surprise yourself. Taking time to create gives you the energy to do more and enjoy each moment more completely. Go create something!

By Deborah Linnekin

Changing Monday Morning

Changing Monday Morning

It’s Monday, again. You dragged yourself out of bed, frowned at yourself in the mirror and headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or three. Yawning. It’s another work day just like every other work day, uninspiring.

Does that sound familiar? Is that how your work week has become over the years? Perhaps your coworkers are feeling the same way: Facebook posts about another awful Monday are common.  Maybe it’s time for a change. No, not your job, but your perspective about it. Your connection to your work and the people that you work with needs a make-over.

Would you like to jump out of bed, excited about Monday?  You look forward to seeing you colleagues; can’t wait to talk to customers and clients about the wonderful solutions your team has devised for them, again. You feel full of life, hope and creative energy! Did you just say, “Yeah, right! That’s not gonna happen in this lifetime?” Aha! I thought so!

It’s true, Mondays are a shock to the system. There are more heart attacks on Monday than any other day of the week. People just waiting to retire so they can enjoy life have that fatal attack on the way to work or while they’re getting ready to go to work. It’s time to change that statistic, isn’t it?

Would I be telling you all of this if I didn’t think I could help you change that for yourself and maybe for all the people you work with? Well, maybe, but I believe there’s a better way.

There are companies that offer you a chance to create an event for your company that employ drumming in a way that people connect. Rhythms for Success is one of those companies offering Playshops that inspire you and your coworkers, employees and fellow sleepwalkers to play together, on the drums initially, and it brings about some incredibly exciting shifts within your organization.

People who are never heard or never feel heard are suddenly brought into the conversation and they have great contributions to make. People stop and listen to one another; they learned how non-verbally during a drumming session and it just makes sense now that they have connected with one another to collaborate rather than compete constantly. They can suddenly appreciate one another and the contributions each can make to create a more cohesive business model that encompasses your vision for the future in a more complete and energized manner.

Isn’t it time to inspire yourself and others by learning to play together. Stop that stress related illness in its tracks by holding a playshop for your team with Rhythms for Success.

By Deborah Linnekin

Getting the Image You Seek

You decided to create some bling for your business or personal social media page but have no idea how to find the time to take photos or create drawings. Getting the quote or message on the picture and posting it is not the issue, right? How do you find that perfect image without spending a fortune?

Stock houses used to cater to big accounts and pictures could sell and resell for hundreds of dollars. That was good for the photographer or designer, but not advantageous for the small businesses. It’s one more thing that has undergone serious changes with the adoption of the internet.

If you query “stock images” you will get many results. Some of them offer lots of freebies, so the list is worth going through. However, if your time is at a premium, you might want to limit your search. I have been really happy with the work on and .

The premise is simple: designers and photographers offer their work for a small fee and you get to use it royalty free. There are some limitations, but for the most part, you buy it and use it as you like. Most of the images are priced very reasonably, under $2.00 each so you can afford to get a few and fancy up your space. This is a quick and easy way to acquire an image library for your business so that you always have great presentations and posts on social media and your website.

For a list of more recommended sites you can try Stock Photos that Don’t Suck at The list is updated frequently, so check back when your needs change.

Enjoy your pictures!

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The Power…of ‘Touch’

Think to yourself, is there one day that passes where you don’t have an opportunity to touch anyone at all?  This could be a handshake, a pound, a pat on the shoulder or even a light tap with a fingertip.  How good does it feel to have someone hold your hand when you really need it or rub your back when you are feeling discomfort.  Even a hug can be therapeutic.  Countless studies have proven that hugging lowers stress and improves moods better than most things.  Imagine how powerful it could be to change the mood/attitude of someone; especially when needed! (Meredith Corp. ©2014 V.Santillano The healing Power of Hugs)  

Touching is a part of the human connection that binds us together, fulfilling an integral piece of our existence. Something so simple doesn’t seem like a big deal, but look at how distanced we’ve become as the world around us changes.  Thanks to our technology, we are more likely to send a hug or a handshake than to actually give one.  And because of the entire scare with bed bugs and germ related issues, we aren’t exactly open to wrapping our arms around another person; particularly someone we don’t know well.  To even feel comfortable enough to approach someone to touch them, you have to feel invited, and let’s just be honest, we barely make eye contact to speak to one another let alone allow someone to make physical contact or embrace us.

So you wonder, ‘what’s the big deal? Who cares?’ How often do you read about some random act of violence or situation where you may have joked to yourself, ‘they needed a hug!’? You were onto something.  We respond to the environment around us, some in more extreme ways than most.  Feelings of disconnection, lack of love, or loneliness can result in people finding comfort in other things: food, negative activities, violence, etc.  And it’s no help that we turn to our devices for social connection before we’ll think to go and see a friend or loved one.   We are straying further away from each other in our attempts to be more ‘connected’ and unwantedly creating a society of emotionless, paranoid personalities who freak out when a ‘handshake’ is on the menu.

True experience:  We’ve all given money/food to a person in need on the street.  Have you ever noticed how their hands may not be clean, and they are withdrawn when you reach out to give them something, almost like they feel like they don’t deserve to be touched?  I make it a point to purposely touch them in the exchange, I even grab and shake their hand and say something positive.  I’m no saint, not by far, but I know what it feels like to have someone see you as less than what you are. Dirt/germs can be washed away, but the act remains.  Besides, I’ve witnessed some of the supposedly ‘cleanest’ people in the world not wash their hands, so let’s not let dirt keep us from being humanely human.


-P. Alford

Finding Gratitude

By Deborah Linnekin

It’s easy to grouse about our lives, until we see something that reminds us how fortunate we are. It doesn’t matter what the thing is that reminds us, it just matters that we take note and try to capture that gratitude.

Why does it matter? That’s what I wanted to know. Here’s the simple answer: it makes us happier. Wow, too simple, right? How often have you seen or heard someone saying that to be happy you just have to <fill in the blank> and it usually requires you to purchase some program or join some group. It usually costs you money and promises you greater abundance and a better future.

The truth is much simpler: you need to find out what you already have that makes you happy. When I started remembering those things and people I started to smile more. I slowed down in traffic so I could arrive home more relaxed. I wrote down the reasons I wanted to become “more” and focused on the reasons instead of my desires and I found something that had been missing all along: peace. It all started with gratitude.

I’m not suggesting that you find one thing, give thanks once and your problems will all go away or even that you’ll find peace this way as well, but it’s free, so you have nothing to lose. It’s a place to start. Why not give it a try right now? Just stop and think of one thing you have or one person in your life that you are glad is there. It might become a habit, a way of thinking that brings you joy.

My list started out pretty simple, but then, I found myself thinking about things in a different way. I am really grateful I have hot, running water every morning for that shower I enjoy. I am really grateful I have a lawn to mow and I’m really happy to have a computer that allows me access to the internet.

Take a moment, find one thing you love about your life and say thank you. It could change your perspective about your commute (because you have a job when so many don’t) or about your children who are annoying you because they are loud and insistent. My mother had a poem about being grateful for the dirty dishes; it meant we had food to eat, and the slamming screen door meant the children were healthy enough to play. I don’t have the poem anymore, but I do have the gratitude she instilled in me.

May your life be filled with beauty and joy. Thank you, Radio Slot, for the chance to write and become visible and be heard.


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