Changing Monday Morning

It’s Monday, again. You dragged yourself out of bed, frowned at yourself in the mirror and headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or three. Yawning. It’s another work day just like every other work day, uninspiring.

Does that sound familiar? Is that how your work week has become over the years? Perhaps your coworkers are feeling the same way: Facebook posts about another awful Monday are common.  Maybe it’s time for a change. No, not your job, but your perspective about it. Your connection to your work and the people that you work with needs a make-over.

Would you like to jump out of bed, excited about Monday?  You look forward to seeing you colleagues; can’t wait to talk to customers and clients about the wonderful solutions your team has devised for them, again. You feel full of life, hope and creative energy! Did you just say, “Yeah, right! That’s not gonna happen in this lifetime?” Aha! I thought so!

It’s true, Mondays are a shock to the system. There are more heart attacks on Monday than any other day of the week. People just waiting to retire so they can enjoy life have that fatal attack on the way to work or while they’re getting ready to go to work. It’s time to change that statistic, isn’t it?

Would I be telling you all of this if I didn’t think I could help you change that for yourself and maybe for all the people you work with? Well, maybe, but I believe there’s a better way.

There are companies that offer you a chance to create an event for your company that employ drumming in a way that people connect. Rhythms for Success is one of those companies offering Playshops that inspire you and your coworkers, employees and fellow sleepwalkers to play together, on the drums initially, and it brings about some incredibly exciting shifts within your organization.

People who are never heard or never feel heard are suddenly brought into the conversation and they have great contributions to make. People stop and listen to one another; they learned how non-verbally during a drumming session and it just makes sense now that they have connected with one another to collaborate rather than compete constantly. They can suddenly appreciate one another and the contributions each can make to create a more cohesive business model that encompasses your vision for the future in a more complete and energized manner.

Isn’t it time to inspire yourself and others by learning to play together. Stop that stress related illness in its tracks by holding a playshop for your team with Rhythms for Success.

By Deborah Linnekin


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