Welcome to Radio Slot Network (RSN)!


Radio Slot Network is an Internet Media Network providing the best music, unique talk shows, DJ’s and on-air personalities on multiple channels for you to choose from including; Best Mix Slot, The Rock Slot, Country Slot, Talk Slot and the new RSN TV. We find the newest music from unknown artists & bands and try to give you great songs before they’re a hit. Our programming includes shows and talent such as “Groove Nation” with DJ Juanito, “Licensed to Chill” with Juan Van Cleave, “Straight Male Friend” with Marcus Osborne & Matty Staudt, “The Can Do Divas” with Gianna & Chasta, “Drake and The Deacon” with Brian Drake, “On The Mark” with Mark Silverman, “TV Confidential” with Ed Robertson, “GlobalTown Radio” with Bob Foran & Toby Tullis, “G5 Radio” with Donn Dabney, Rick Miron & Jamie Waterman, “Little Grey Clouds”with Katie Green & Vanessa Gil, “Funky Technician” with various DJs, “Talking Timeshare” with Mark Silverman, “Wine Oh TV” with Monique Soltani and “Man Candy Show” with Mimi Jean Pamfiloff & Cassie.

Radio Slot was founded by Alexander Pamfiloff in 1996 while he was running, Prime Time Records, a record label he started in the 80’s. He is responsible for many hits including a Billboard’s Number #1 song called “Hold You Tight”. Radio Slot, has been broadcasting live streams since the inception of the technology. We previously featured outside sources of Streaming Audio but transitioned into our own Media Broadcasting Network. Now, Radio Slot which has multiple music channels isn’t just about the Best Music, it also provides unique Talk Programming with provocative and quality content; including Entertainment, Current Events, Sports, Politics, Health and Fitness and more.

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